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Become a Qualified Permanent Makeup Artist (PMA) with elite trainer Jade Jefford at her Academy in Essex.

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Hey There...I'm Jade

Thanks so much for your interest in my course.

10 years ago I was an estate agent. I hated it! Dealing with angry vendors and buyers day in and day out, a boss with targets to hit. It impacted my mental health and didn't offer me any job satisfaction. Earning OK money but nothing that was going to change my life.


One day I decided to go and get my eyebrows tattoo'd. I went to a lady in Kent (where i was from at the time) I pulled up to her home salon. She had a lovely house, a nice car, and was dressed immaculately.


As she did my brow treatment - we chatted and she was so calm, had no stress, no worries, and obviously loved what she did.


She even said to me "This isnt a job, I love doing this every day"


On the car journey home it got me thinking - that's what I wanted from life!


As soon as I got home i booked the first recommended course I could find. And the rest is history,Now I am that lady!

If this sounds like on...

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How Much Could I Earn?


New treatments a week

@ £300

per treatment



weekly turnover



monthly turnover



annual turnover


New treatments a week

@ £300

per treatment



weekly turnover



monthly turnover



annual turnover


New treatments a week

@ £300

per treatment



weekly turnover



monthly turnover



annual turnover

This doesn't include yearly top-ups or any other added treatments - just new treatments!

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Request a Training Brochure

Ask Yourself...

Would you like to be your own boss, work flexible hours and be in control of your own earnings?

Would you like to retrain in an exciting and lucrative career?

Are you artistic, passionate and keen to learn a new skill?

Then read on...
This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for

I wish to give you as much information as possible regarding our courses, The Permanent Makeup world and the opportunity of an exciting new career.

Permanent Makeup is a procedure that has grown in popularity over the last 5 years especially with Brows, Lips and Eyeliner being the main focus.

With the skills you learn on my courses, your career could progress down many different avenues. The  beginners brow course delivers skills to be able to complete beautiful Ombrè Powder Brows and Natural Hairstroke Brows. You can focus on this solely or take up additional Masterclasses for lash enhancements, shaded winged eyeliner, lip blush or one of Jades unique brow courses. Your career could take you into the medical field, completing Areola restorations for Cancer patients, cleft lip restorations, scalp micropigmentation and scar camouflage. The possibilities are endless and options for your career are open.

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Ask Jade a Question via WhatsApp

Want to learn more?

Whatsapp Jade on 07971854751 to ask any questions you may have

What our Students Say...

"Jade is so supportive and encouraging not only during the practical days but before and after. Although there is a lot to learn they have presented it perfectly so that it’s not overwhelming. I would 100% recommend training with the Jade"

"Wow, what an amazing 4 Days, brilliant course with so much support before and after! Lots of information about what we’re doing now but also what to do next, A perfect introduction to the PMU world! Enjoyed the course so much, didn’t want it to End!"

"Jade has a wealth of knowledge - a Queen of PMU

This isn't just a 4-day course, they cover every aspect of starting out your PMU journey"

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Jade trained with Nouveau Contour back in 2015 and has gone onto complete several additional courses with industry leaders. She has developed her own unique style and performs these treatments in her busy clinics Essex.

About Jade

Jade started her career in November 2015 with extensive training at Nouveau Contour (Now Kb Pro). Since qualifying in Brows, lips and lash enhancements, she has gone on to train with industry leaders not only in the UK but in Europe. She has completed an extra 9 courses in Permanent Makeup from Shaded eyeliners, Ombrè Brows and Sheer and HD Lip blush.

She runs Jade Jefford Permanent Cosmetics Ltd in Leigh on Sea, Essex and has a very wide-reaching client base in her busy clinic. Jade also trains qualified PMU artists for 1-2-1 eyebrow training days.

Jade says... “I have always had an artistic eye as a child and this shows in my work. I absolutely love my job and the joy it gives my clients. I have set up a Facebook and WhatsApp group to help new starters into PMU and it gives me a lot of joy helping people, so the natural progression for me was to train beginners and use all the skills and knowledge I have picked up over the years to devise a course.”

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“Listening to beginners, it became apparent that lots of new students had inconsistencies in their courses. Being the perfectionists we are, is where my training academy idea was born.”


Request a Training Brochure




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Course Content

The course will offer several in depth modules. Before you enrol, we would like to offer students a shadowing experience whereby you can come to observe a treatment with Jade at her clinic and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

When you have decided that the course is for you, access will be given to our online learning platform with around 30hrs pre study so you will hit the ground running when your 4 practical days come around. Our beginner course consists of 4 practical days at Essex academy and we will be teaching you Classic Hairstrokes and Classic Ombrè Powder Brows. You will then go back to your clinics and complete 6 Hairstroke Brows and 6 Ombrè powder brows and send us your before, after, healed and topped up work. We will then advise if you are ready for assessment or give more constructive feedback and recommendations. Once we are both happy with the standard of work you are producing, you will attend for 1 day to complete your assessment with us shadowing you performing a treatment. Our course also consists of a manual bible.

What's included in the course

  • Online learning modules with tests to complete before you arrive for the course

  • Full kit and machine

  • Explaining machines and a chance to try different handpieces

  • 4 practical models (fully observed by us)

  • Brow design

  • Hairstroke patterns

  • Stretchniques

  • 1 additional shadow day post course completion

  • Salon hygiene

  • Health and safety

  • Basic skin anatomy

  • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Needle theory

  • Colour theory

  • Contraindications

  • Anaesthetics

  • How to start a PMU business

  • Insurance, licensing, waste collection info

  • Photography workshop

  • Business and social media advice

  • Access to our ongoing support programme via WhatsApp and Facebook

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We want you to succeed

I will hold your hand throughout the whole process and be available to you when completing your case studies.


Price and kit inclusions

The course is priced at £4995 which includes:

  • Power supply

  • Handpiece

  • Box of needles

  • Gloves

  • Masks

  • China marker drawing pencils

  • Sharpener/craft knife

  • String

  • Measuring callipers

  • Full set of Pigments

  • Aprons

  • Hairnets

  • Trays

  • Pigment pots

  • Machine & handpiece barrier film

  • Barrier Roll

  • Colour theory wheel

  • Latex and practise head

  • Patch test equipment and instructions

  • Medical health forms

  • Client consent forms

  • Aftercare information


Jades Academy is in sunny Southend, Essex which is 50 minutes from London Fenchurch Street and 2 minutes from Southend Airport.

Deposit and terms and conditions:

We want to take happy money only. By this we mean we want students who are fully
invested in building a successful PMU career. We ask that you give 100% at all times and be passionate, inquisitive, artistic and driven to be the best you can be. If you can be this for us, we give our all to you, and more.

The course cost can be paid in installments.

A £495 deposit is required on selecting your location and dates. 

This career can buy you your dreams.

We can give you the tools and stepping stones to get there.

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