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One of the most important features on your face, they frame your eyes. 

Getting the perfect set of brows yourself can be challenging.

Using semi-permanent make-up Jade creates a bespoke brow for you, matching your skin tone and hair colour to create the perfect shade and design.

Wake up everyday with beautiful brows.


Hairstroke Brows

Using a handheld machine, each hair is created  individually to create the illusion of thicker fluffier brows. The hairstroke brow is neat and clean creating a beautiful natural look.

Shading can be added to create Combination brows which combines strokes and shading.


Ombré/ Powder Brows

The Ombré brow is a soft powder finished brow, no sharp hard lines, just delicate colour through the body and deeper darker tail hence why it is known as Ombré brow.

This technique is perfect for all skin types.


Hyper Realism NanoBrow

The hyper-realism brow is an undone relaxed brow!

Using hair strokes to place hairs in an undone relaxed way, creating the illusion of thicker fluffier brows.

The perfect brow for those who desire hairstrokes but have oilier skin.

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